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Silent Whisper
Scenery Painting


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Scenery Painting

          purple bits with blue dusk

swirl around my face.

          brown antelopes dance away with glee

the narrow path makes a wide turn to the right -

then to the left.

i stop for a moment...

          can't keep up with its quick pace.

a small fur ball sneaks up behind the willow tree.

          i squint my eyes to see what slithered across the grass.

green little tufts begin to shoot from the ground,

          each one trying to beat the other in a make-believe race.

as the vines grow taller, i see it slither away for the second time.

          A blue splash is forming into a bright blue lake.

the moan from behind me - there it slithers away...

          the river's washed the lake away,

forming into a beautiful tall gray mountain.

          CRASH! SAW! CRASH! theres the hut i've been working on!

whoops! it slithered in the wrong direction... smudging all the objects.

darn! now i'll have to start all over again.

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