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Silent Whisper
Morning Glory


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Morning Glory

A silent drop from the leaf

Rings continuously for a moment so brief.

The sky is as silent as the moonless night

As people getting ready for prayer turn on their lights.

The curtains in the sky are slowly drawn

Revealing the weakened rays as the birds welcome in the dawn.

Tulips and birds stretch their arms

As the farmers get ready to plow their farms.

Birds chirping and singing fills the air

As they praise Allah everywhere.

Young kids finish their morning prayer

As the first strings of the sun spring out of nowhere.

Trees shiver continuously as robins hop and sing on the flowered branches

Unsteady horses wait restlessly to gain the freedom of the open ranches.

Empty streets bustle with people wearing different colored clothes

Ranging from as dark as a panther to as bright as a rose.

The recitation of the Quraan is read with ease

As noisy squirrels and bees hum away with unwavering peace.

A white blanket casts over the bright blue sky

Squeezing tiny iridescent pearls down to the ground so dry.

The peace of the world continues to ring in harmony

The last drop of rain forms a continuous ripple,

As the Muslims finish their duaas with a silent ameen.

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