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Silent Whisper
Peaceful Peace


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Peaceful Peace

The earth is a beautiful place to be in;

Full of its silent ripples of beauty,

          Like the reverberations of the muezzins call to prayer.

Or like the silent rustling

          of the Muslims bowing down to Allah in full submission.

Maybe its the silence that follows it...

When some people stay in the Masjid for contemplation,

Where the only sound heard - is that of a dove in flight.

People - free to express their emotions -

          Feel safe in the insecure world.

Or it may be by pondering at the beauty of this world,

Can one realize that each thing in this world is beautiful in its own unique way...

          That we may realize

How precious this world is to us,

          Like a baby to its mother.

So why not sit and enjoy

This life, and wait for the next life

For its fruits and rewards...

And always pray for the best.

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