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i  wrote this the night mom came back from pakistan..and whn she found out tht id started to wear it while she was gone, she told me to take it off..coz she didnt want me getting hurt or i wrote this late at night..around 9 pm..late for april..
My heart cried out at night -
Oh, the deepest part of the night.
Ya Rab! why don't they understand, why don't they comprehend
That what I wear is to cover my beauty,
My sexuality from the evil of the society.
Most of you might think I'm being harassed,
Forced by my parents; beaten, bruised  
A covered by scars, hiding their brutality.
Some of you might link me to terrorists,
the bombing and even terrorism.
But no! What I do is truly out of my love for God.
Not for publicity or antagonism.
It's all a part of faith, courage, and love to God.
So whenever you see me, don't worry, I ain't
opressed, harassed or beaten.
But rather I'm from the evil..the looks..
the stares..the glares.
For my real self is all what comes outta my personality.
I'm a Muslim, I'm glad as I can be.
And Allah is the Greatest - Allahu Akbar!
So I'll let the tears of my remorse for the world fall..
For what more can I do, than to pray for the safety of humanity.

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