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Nature's Prayer


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-Nature's Prayer-

A shadowy fog slowly settled

The green leaves whisper silently as they rustle

Orange clouds spot the sky

As weak morning sun colors the sky bright pink

Its faint hands reach out to the sky

Dragging the sun slowly spreading its warmth and light

The empty pages turn back and forth

As invisible fingers gently flip through the book

The misty mountains in the background

Create an allusion of a dream

Morning dew from the grass

Sends droplets sliding down its back

The nightingale yawns and stretches her wings

Then flutters away

After she sings a song in praise

The yellow sunflower turns its brown face

As it submits itself gently bowing with the wind

Morning rain runs with the stream

Washing the dirt from the bears paw

A light wind gently puffs away the morning fog.

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