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Poetry and Me
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This page mainly talks about my love for poetry, and why I like writing poems. If you also have ideas of your own, send me your own opinion on why we like poetry on contact me page.


Poetry: the best words in the best order.

-Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Poetry is at its best when it comes from the heart. Like art, there is not limit to poetry. As you will see, when you read my poems, I sometimes do not add full stops at the end of a 'sentence'. I like the reader to analyze themselves of when they think the sentence of the line ends. This is my freestyle poetry. At the same time, I also have poems in the proper format, with full stops and proper connotations. Poetry is a form of art. It is something that anyone is able to comprehend and write. People should never find it hard. It is something that comes from the heart, and into the pen or keyboard.
I do not see poetry as something that is destructive. A lot of times, people use their poetic talents to get their emotions out, so that they can share them with others. Sometimes, I feel that I am not able to describe in my own words, that is when I write it down and it turns into a poem. It could be merely 5 lines to 30 lines; but what matters is that I am able to express myself and my beliefs to others, that I might have not been able to do otherwise.
Poetry is a talent that everyone carries within them. It could be a limmerick like baba always has one for every occasion. Or it could be in a form of a song. People only need to look deep within themselves to open that key. I found it in grade 8, then opened it once again in grade nine. Unfortunately, I lost the poems. But what matters to me now, is that it is open. And together with my friends, I am able to pass on that key to others who haven't been able to open it up as yet.