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Silent Whisper
Silent Prayer


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Silent Prayer

The ringing reverberating ripple of the well,

          The mellow vibrations of the bell,

The silent gaze of the eyes,

          As a butterfly flutters by.

The constant ticking of the aged clock,

          Like the ongoing whispering beneath the dock

A silent prayer from within the heart to the lip,

          Lashes out to the devil like a stinging whip.

The swirling dust specs in the air,

          Glowing with the rising, morning sun in the atmosphere.

From the path of right and wrong,

          I know the right one is the one where we all belong.

Judging by the distance the road curves and bends,

          I know there is time for me to mend.

As for when my time on earth will end well,

          Only time and the angel of death can tell.

But O Allah! Let my eternal abode be heaven; not hell.

          Heaven where time and enjoyment shall never end.

Peace and security, happiness and joy where no one is evil

No one is mean.

          And as I bow my head to finish my silent prayer,

The last thing I say is a silent Ameen.

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