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Silent Whisper
-The Meaning of Our Friendship-


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-The Meaning of Friendship-

Our crisp, fresh laughter in the basement

rocks the house like lightning and thunder

Splashing and soaking in the rain,

our silent talks sound like a clear stream

in the green summer forest,

or like the humming of a hummingbird

content with the nectar of the flower

It may last for a momentit may last a lifetime

Breaking the closet door,

          Spilling ice cream on the kitchen floor

It may all be a part of life but with you,

Im always caught in a blunder.

From art to lunch,

          Darting in the hallways

                   For cookies or a sip of fruit punch.

Through thick and thin,

Well always have our way.

Aiming but always missing the shot in the bin

Well always try, try, try again.

No matter what we go through,

          Well always be friends for all of our eternity.

And Ill always be true to you. Ameen.

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