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Silent Whisper
I was Told


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I was Told
by Irsa Sakhawat

Im too weak-dont let go of me

Im shouting in pain, with roses, with rain

Painful tears tear from my eyes

Down they flow without the evils disguise

Oh Allah, why did I do this after all I was told

Quran was there, but for me it was unfold

In bold I was told, shaytaan lives in you

It was I that started this

I dont want to be in this land, which is dug nine feet below

Humans dont live with me, animals till my toe

I was told the right and wrong

I was showed the right and wrong

I was on the road of the right not the wrong

One spark changed it all

Today if I knew that spark could bring me to this flame

I would have never see raw fire on earth

Oh Allah, I still beg you for a chance

I want my words to be enhanced

Im the oblique rays of the winter sun, i can still shine (my favorite line)

Now Im too weak dont let go of me

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