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Silent Whisper
Summer's Illusion


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Summer's Illusion

          Silent rain on the leaf

Rolls down onto the cat lying beneath.

Light, cool wind on the green grass

Stretch and bend reach out to the open sky

Delicate tulip slowly blossoms,

Leaving the air smelling so fresh and crisp

Orange leaves drift from the treetops so high,

Down to the transparent puddle on the ground

The glowing dust specs dance gleefully in the air,

Settling gently against the growing day

Brown and black birds hop and sing,

Bees spotting blossomed flowers form into a ring

The summer river as cool as spring

Carries salmon to their destined place,

Gently along the rivers pace

The white-tailed dear softly yawns;

Morning fog drifts away,

Refracting the illusion back into reality.

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