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Silent Whisper
Life that Holds this Diverse Essence


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Life that Holds this Diverse Essence

A light, cool breeze on my face,

          Soft rain dripping down my hair.

My blooming garden covered in lace

          The perfume reaches my nose from the fresh morning air.

I walk down the gray, stony path,

          As it leads me towards the blooming garden.

I walk in peace, knowing that I am in no wrath.

          Each blooming flower though different

Is pretty in its own unique way.

          Some I look at, others I stop and smile,

And others, I bend down to smell them.

          The scent of each flower catches onto my clothes.

I carry each one in my heart forever engraved.

          As I reach the end of this journey

The end of the garden I look up and smile.

          The memory of the scent of each flower

Is still fresh in my mind.

          But further ahead they have bloomed,

For their inner essence, along with their outward beauty

They have become more pure.

I open my arms

          And embrace my life

I know there is no further need for me to roam,

          And feel the scents of paradise urging me to run

The gates are open and I know

          That I am finally home.

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