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Rain slowly patters on the tin slide

Rolling down in slippery droplets

Yellow rays weakened by the misty fog

Illusion slowly turns into reality

A distant thunder slowly rumbles

The dry ground gasps

as the water disappears down its parched lips

-O Allah, I am so weak-

The intensity of the rain slowly increases

Ive passed it on far too long

The weakened roots drink up the water

Withered roses slowly blossom

Perfuming the air,

-Give me strength

Rain washes the dirt and grime,

Rolling down my cheeks

Glistening my face

-Keep me strong-

A swallow swoops down and rises back

Into the vast, unexplored sky

Slowly, I lift myself up

The evening sun is slowly setting

the black outline of the bird in flight

A light breeze lifts my hair

my spirit soaring

-I look up at the sky-

Spread my arms

-Feel so light-

I lift my face

-Finally free-

As the last flower finally blooms. 

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