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Silent Whisper
The Strong-Willed Bird


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By:  Atika, Humayra and Ridwana Limbada.
Dedicated to Humayra Abdullah Patel. (Ex-Saleh)

After the rising of the dawn,
All classes were withdrawn.
Addressed they were by the principal,
Leave the Madrasah, was his urgent call.
Hope is far and danger lies near,
Blood thirsty and barbaric, the Hindu terrorists are here.
Bajrang Dal and the VHP,
Theyre deceiving games are for you and me.
So before you go, take my word of advice,
This age is full of the Ummahs cries.
Watch your step and guard your back,
Hold your tongue and anticipate their attack.
And know they are driven by a crazy sadist belief,
Whilst for you, Imaan is your sword and your heart is its sheath.
So Humayra trudged alone, turned her head for the final time,
Muttered a heart-felt goodbye what was their crime?
A pebble cut her foot, no shoes did she wear,
The wind cracked her lips; didnt anybody care?
Her home was far and the road was too long.
Tears stung her eyes and no bird sang its song.
And the eerie quietness left within her a void.
The hollow gnawing feeling of fear, she tried to avoid.
The sky was then so malevolently dark,
And ashes lay scattered where death had made its mark.
As she entered the village inexorable chants filled the stifling air
Evil leered at her as she walked into the atrocious lair.
The government were foremost in this nefarious conspiracy,
To kill all Muslims in all forms of brutality.
Screams, razor sharp, pierced Humayras heart and the womens begging of mercy never ceased.
Their naked bodies were wrenched and slashed whilst the rapists gloated at their work looking pleased.
A silent curse swept over her heart and crept to her tongue,
But its stunning meaning shattered as her breath caught in her lungs.
Standing there was her mother, all vulnerable and bare.
Her hands were clenched and her eyes were pools of immeasurable despair.
Ammi! Humayra called, frenzy loose in her mind.
Her scattered steps carried her to her mother and her cloak did she unwind.
Then gathering up her emotions, her mother did she clutch.
Shivering slightly, the older woman melted underneath the warm touch.
Let it be known to you, my dear, she started strongly,
What they did to me was heinous, immoral and beastly.
Words cannot describe the pain I felt, her voice cracked despairingly.
Eyes that have witnessed the crimes will not forget easily.
Tears streaked down Humayras face as her mum lifted her pale face to the shadowed sky,
I am going to heaven, my child, so why do you cry?
Her mothers faithful utterance of the ultimate testimony was the last Humayra heard.
And she rose to heaven, like a strong willed bird.

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