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All eyes seem to have diverted to Africa recently..Why? Whatever happened to Iraq? .. well, go on..
Sharia Stoning Woman to Death
Yup. That's what I found as I was skimming through google. So, what was the issue again? Yeah..a woman who has committed adultery in Nigeria after having a divorce is being sentenced stoning to death. So, whatever happened to all the peace and love I have been talking about in my site? I mean, isn't this just against human rights. I mean, if a man in Nigeria was about to be stoned to death...who would give a damn? (sorry about my language). We're not even there; we're talking about women's could I have forgotten. According to the Human Rights News:

Human Rights Watch, which opposes capital punishment in all circumstances because of its inherent cruelty, also urged Nigeria to end the death penalty and the prosecution of consensual sex between adults.

  Let's take a break from the topic for a moment and take a breather. Alright now? OK, so let's look at it in a new light - something that just might make some sense!

Here's a hadeeth which relates a similar matter that happened in the time of the Prophet (SAWS):
"Narrated Jabir: A man from the tribe of Aslam came to the Prophet  and confessed that he had committed an illegal sexual intercourse. The Prophet turned his face away from him till the man bore witness against himself four times. The Prophet said to him. 'are you mad?' he said 'no'. he said 'are you married?' he said 'yes'. then the Prophet ordered that he be stoned to death and he was stoned to death at Musalla. when the stones troubled him he fled, but he was caught and was stoned till he died. The Prophet spoke well of him and offered his funeral prayer." Volume 8, Book 82, Number 810

Volume 8, Book 82, Number 815:
Narrated Abu Huraira and Zaid bin Khalid:
While we were with the Prophet , a man stood up and said (to the Prophet ), "I beseech you by Allah, that you should judge us according to Allah's Laws." Then the man's opponent who was wiser than him, got up saying (to Allah's Apostle) "Judge us according to Allah's Law and kindly allow me (to speak)." The Prophet said, "'Speak." He said, "My son was a laborer working for this man and he committed an illegal sexual intercourse with his wife, and I gave one-hundred sheep and a slave as a ransom for my son's sin. Then I asked a learned man about this case and he informed me that my son should receive one hundred lashes and be exiled for one year, and the man's wife should be stoned to death." The Prophet said, "By Him in Whose Hand my soul is, I will judge you according to the Laws of Allah. Your one-hundred sheep and the slave are to be returned to you, and your son has to receive one-hundred lashes and be exiled for one year. O Unais! Go to the wife of this man, and if she confesses, then stone her to death." Unais went to her and she confessed. He then stoned her to death.

While thinking in the context of the above hadeeth, we can see why the law of stoning a person to death was passed. How would you feel, if you found out that your husband, wife, son, daughter, sister, brother etc had sex with someone they weren't married to? I'm sure one of your first thoughts would be to go and kill the person. I went through the dictionary to find out the de

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