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This one is by bro Abdullah on the post: To you, what is the meaning of life?:
To worship none other than Allah. To ask for his help when it is needed. To beg for forgivness because we sin endlessly. To ask him to make us true believers. To beg of him his help for the Ummah. To request that our sick be cured. Our Ulama be preserved. Our parents be accepted into Jannah. Our Sins forgiven. Our children to be pious. Our wives and husbands to be the greatest treasures we could have. Our neighbors and friends to be of those who will make us better. Our dead to be forgiven from their sins.
To live a life as closely related to that of our beloved Prophet(salallahu alayhee wa salam) and/or his companions. To pray our nafil salah at home with our wives. To learn with our spouses. To correct them in times of wrong, and to beg them to correct us when we wrong. To encourage them to follow Quran and Sunnah as closely as possible. To stay up at night with them to pray Qiyam al Lail. To remind them that we may die at any moment, yet Allah does not. To love them with all our hearts.
To never forget that we have families at home. To raise our children with high adhab. To raise them to be leaders of the Ummah. To raise them to become Ulama. To teach them Quran and Sunnah, and make sure they dont follow the wrong. To answer their questions. To kiss their 'boo-boos.' To dress them up. To treat them with respect. To kiss them and hug them, and show them mercy. To correct them when they wrong. To not get mad when they correct you when you wrong. To encourage them to stay up and invoke Allah's blessing on the Ummah and themselves. To teach them that life is nothing but a test, and that Jannah is the A+, and hell is the failing grade. To teach them that we may go at any moment, but Allah is always with us. To screen their friends. To be their ultimate friends other than Allah. To love them with all our hearts.
To ask Allah to forgive us. To forgive us for all that we've done wrong, and all that we continue to do wrong. To forgive the Ummah, and to bless the dead of our Ummah. To make us and our families from Ahl Al Sunnah Wa Al Jam'aa'ah. To ask Allah that we die in his path. To ask Allah to make us strong in our iman when we die. To make sure that we say the kalima before we die. To beg Allah to make us from those who feel little pain when they die. To make our souls those who long for the day of judgement when we are in our graves. To cry and ask Allah to save us from the punishment of the grave. And the punishment of hell. To ask Allah to let our eternal homes be Jannah, even if it is the lowest level. To beg Allah for us to be spared from hell. To never go near hell, or the angels of punishment. To ask Allah that we join our beloved ones in Jannah. To ask Allah that we meet our beloved Prophet(salallahu alayhee wa salam) and his companions (radiyallahu anhuma) in Jannah.
To ask Allah to forgive our Ulama for shortcommings. To beg Allah to accept our Ulama. To ask Allah to accept Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen, Shaikh Bin Baaz, Shaikh Saleh Al Munajjid, Shaikh Al Bani, Imam Abdul Baar, Imam Nawawi, Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal, Ibn Rajab AlHanbali, Imam Abu Hanifah, Imam Malik, Imam Shaf'i, Shaikh Abu Bakr Al Jaza'iry, Ibn Hazm Al Andulusi, Ibn Taymiyyah, Bukhari, Muslim, Nisaai, Abu Dawood, Tirmithi, Abdullah Ibn Umar, Abdullah Ibn Masood, Abdullah Ibn Abbas, Ibn Kathir, Imam Qurtubi, Imam Tabarani, Shaikh Fowzaan, Shaikh Ibn Jibreen, Shaikh Abdul Wahab, Ibn Hajar Al Asqalani, and all the other Ulama who have contributed for us to understand this deen better in hopes of attaining Allah's forgivness.
To ask Allah to forgive us for our mistakes. And to ask Allah to forgive us for anything and everything we've done. To ask Allah to make sirat al mustakeem walkable for us. To make khanzab an enemy of the past. To make shaitan weak in our sights. To make Salah easy for us. To make Siyam easy for us. To allow us to worship him in the best manner possible. To ask Allah to save us from all the fitnahs of this world, and the fitnahs of the Dajaal. And to bless us and our children with the love for this deen.
To beg from him on lailut al qadar. To beg from him from lailut al qadar. To beg from him from lailut al qadar until fajr. To beg from him everynight, until we die as muslims, mu'mins, and shu'hudaa insha'Allah.
Salam Alaikum Wa RahmatAllah

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