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This one is by: surprie surprise..bro w hussein.. :)..on the thred: Very Upset:
The Taliban is not islam, Their surrender [if it has happned that is, means nothing]
Islam in the end will gain victory over all who oppose it and the World SHALL know the mercy of Islam.
Look at it like this, MUCH of what has happned to the Ummah and Khalifah has been fortold The spread of Islam has been fortold We were the worlds greatest super power at one time, we were the only light in a World full of darkness,
We WERE the Greatest.
This Greatness was fortold,
We the Ummah then split, we were disunited, we sew hate between each other,
This was foretold The Mass dis-unity leading to the murder, oppression and destruction of Muslims and the Ummah being in the state it is today
Has been fortold The Ummah has been in a horrific state over the last few hundread years, Our pain is open for all to see, and still today we are disunited and being murdered across the world whether in Afghnaistan or Palestine
It is the FASTEST growing faith in the world
Estimates show That at the current rates, BY 2010 Islam will be the LARGEST faith in the World By 2025 1/3 of ALL Humanity will be Muslim
Conversion to islam and the General spread of Islam has been great even though we have been demonised and disgraced across the planet
-Islam is spreading at enourmas rates especially in Areas looking for answers to the Worlds and Humnaities Problems
-In Africa the Speedy spread of Islam has dis-enchanted christains and Muslim Power in Africa is in a steady increase.
-In Asia the story is similar,
-China has 35 Million Muslims and in a faithless china islam is growing at double the conversion rates to most other places, leading the chinese authority to surpress this growing force.
-In the former USSR, The Muslims are refinding their iman, and a ISLAMIC REVIVAL IS ON SHOW,
The russians and the Russian supported governments are trying desperatly to stop this spread and revial, But with their oppressive actions all they are doing is increasing its pace
Even in Tartaristan just a few hundread miles from Moscow is setting up Islamic Universities for the new islamic fevour
Again the Russians are trying to oppress it and trying to creat a sort of Russian islam
They are failing with islam growing at never seen befor levels,
Their have been mass conversions in india, with especially the [Un-touchable cast] rejecting the Hindu's and coming to islam as a statement of their equality and humanity.
In the WEST Islam is the also the FASTEST growing faith.
Thousand convert in every western nation,
Every time islam is in the headlines or is being demonised, conversion rates go up, up to 4 times.
This year since Sep 11, Even though islam has been demonised, 34,000 people have converted,
CAIR has never seen such rates of conversion
IT IS ESTIMATED UP TO 100,000 PEOPLE WILL CONVERT IN THE USA UPTO NEXT SEP 11 [mostly women, which says alot for islam oppressing women]
Europe has familiar conversion rates,
Even though Muslims are bing murdered and oppressed across the world, even though the taliban have supposedly surrendered,
Islam has not and the march will go on and on and on, Until Victory is ours, ALLAHUAKBAR.
We must never forget islam, and Allah and he will never forget us.
All we need is unity, and once we unity and have our leader, our victory which has also been fortold will become reality.
Keep your chin up.
The Islamic revial will go on, Remeber millions of muslims are working endlessly for this revial and for our khalifah, Only your support is needed.

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