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Originally posted by Lovin' Niqaab amazing..just read doesn't need any intro:
We, as muslims believe a woman is a precious jewel. We don't have to flaunt some cleavage, or flip some great hair or bare toned legs in order to be value.....As a sex toy and slave to men.
Check out any flyer for any store. I'm 99.99% sure a woman is used to advertise some something...Anything ranging from body lotion, clothes, bra's, shoes, sunglasses, and clothes........To cars, beer and motorcycle.
A woman in the West is forced to try and equal men in work, pay and wages and work quality to be just AS successful or better. She is made to make her own money, be a real woman, laugh at those who stay home, and flaunt some skin in order to be hired for a job....
It's really sad. In Islam, a woman is allowed to work and make just as much as men doing the same job. She isn't forced to but may if she likes. But she is also appreciated for being a home maker and raising children, baking, cooking, cleaning and just relaxing..........
That is a woman's nature in essence. She was made by God to be sensitive and feminine. Men were made to be rough, and tough in order to be able to weather the harshness of trying to make a living and supporting a family.
A woman is to be spent on. Her husband or father cannot force her to go out and go make a living to feed herself. She is to royal and good for that. He, the husband or father, are made to feed, clothe and take care of her. Not because she dependant on them, no. She is only dependant on Allah, but because she deserves to not have to worry about working and the stresses that come with it.....
A woman in Islam is to be treated like celebreties are treated today. They ride in dark tinted cars, so no one can see them and harass them, they are surrounded by body buards when they go out in order not to be hurt, etc....
The woman is to be treated the same.....Respected, looked up to, and precious and looked after.
I hope you understand....

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