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Poem bro $5


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This is a small poem by bro $5 phil:
Hey bro, how does it go?
Things were a bit tense, no?
Anyway, in the spirit of live and let live,
I hope my previous words you'll forgive

Like it or not, I'm still your brother
Even though at times I can be a bother
So what do you say bro, what to do?
Can we call this over with and through?

Alas, it's not good for two brothers to feud
So if you don't forgive me, I'll pose for you nude!
And to be honest, that's not something that should be viewed.
So forgive me now, or your vision will be eternally skewed.

The next day, he had anoter poem for us:
Another day, and my olive branch you don't see
What's wrong, I'm sorry, don't you believe me?
What's going on bro, let it drop, it's in the past
If you don't, I'm going to start a hundred day hunger fast.

Ok maybe not, but still, these aren't good ways
To let a feud continue for more than 3 days
So live and and let live, for good times sake
A brotherly hug is all I'm willing to take

And for others above, raising a commotion,
I set the final words into frantic motion:
Just because I rhyme, just because I'm not mute
Doesn't necessarily mean, I have to be a fruit

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