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Here's a little poem I wrote a couple of days ago - don't know what it's about though.


through the tears in my eyes,
i see the hole in the wall
i feel it with my fingers...but all i feel is
destruction and desolation.

through the hole in the ceiling, i see the
planes roaring above me ...
mocking me in their vain and pride.
i feel the pain of the people
floating past me,
not caring who i am, or what i've been through.

through the tears in my eyes as they flow down to my nose,
i smell the victory and truimph of the enemies as they fly above me
ready to destroy...
destroy another life - a whole nation...

do they not understand that we are innocent?

walking throught the rubble in the moonlit night,
a breeze lifts me from my agony.
lifting my chin, it sends me a message
there's always some hope left.

Copyright 2002 Shyemaa Umer Syed

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