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Here is a translation of a lecture about how to plan your daily activities in Ramadan:
The shiekh said that u should write down a plan for Ramdanof what u would like to do during the month of Ramadan & what u would like to achieve at the end of Ramadan, he said write it down and put it somewhere in ur room where u could see it becuz at the start of Ramdan we usually get excited & have lots of plans, but in the middle we kinda forget them or slow down in our practices so having a plan will remind us of our duty
And he said u should have the following subheadings, in ur plan:
1st Subheading:
1. Obligatory Salat -> make sure u pray all ur 5 SALAT right ON TIMEthat PLEASES Allah, saves u from the grave punishment, increases ur iman and draws u closer to AllahMake sure you either pray them in a mosque first row or in congregation anyway..even if you have a lecture, make sure you look for someone to pray with after your class or work ... if you can't pray 5 in congregation than at least 3 prayers..
2. Sunnan Salat -> the 12 extra Raka per day(2 before Fajr, 4 Raka before Dhur & 2 after Dhur, 2 after Magrib, 2 after Isha = 12 Raka per day) it was performed by the prophet(salla Allah aleeh Wa Salam)..and the prophet (salla allah aleeh wa salam) said that (meaning of which) whom ever performs the 12 Raka gets a Palace in Jannah..and in another hadith (meaning of which) whom ever performs them enters dear Muslims if that was in any monthhow much do u think the reward will be in Ramadan????? And there is a hadith (meaning of which) whom ever performs an extra Salat, its reward will be as if he performed an obligatory Salat so dont miss out
B. Salat Al-Dohaa, which is 2 Raka to be prayed after the sunrise, anytime between sunrise & Duhr..By praying AL-Dohaa is equivalent to Shukr(Thanking Allah) for the day..
C. Salat Al-Tarweeh -> our Prophet (salla Allah Aleeh Wa Salam) says Whoever prayed at night in the month of Ramadhan out of sincere faith and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven.
2nd Subheading:
The Holy Quran
How many times do u wanna finish reading the whole Quran in this Ramadan???? And How many Juzz do u need to read everyday to reach ur goal at the end of Ramadan inshallah?
3rd Subheading:
My close relatives
write down your close-relative names because you need to call them on the first day/night of Ramadan..remember Ramadan is a month of Mercy and that "Mercy will not descend upon those people who cut ties with their close relatives" wouldn't wanna miss out on the first 10 days of Mercy!!..don't say my aunti doesn't talk to my mum or my uncle doesn't talk to my dad ..whateva the reason is..even if they did something to you personally.. remember that pleasing Allah is prior ...
4th Subheading:
The Duaa
leave 20 mins everyday before Magrib just for Duaa .. and if you can't because you need to cook ..ect.. than at least leave 5 mins for Duaa ....make a list of the Duaas you want the top 5 or 20 or 100 important things which you want Allah to give you (e.g., help u quit smoking, wear the hijab, help u stop the committing the sin which you've been 10 years doing, increase your iman, grant you a good end, give you health and success in you studies, grant you Hajj, accepts you Salat,grant you the hightest Paradise, grant you a Palace next to the Prophets in Paradise..ect)....the companions of the Prophet (saw) said that 'we used to prepare some Duaas and continually begged Allah through out the month with those Duaas, and Walahi the next Ramadan doesn't come before Allah gives all we asked for'... So make Duaa anytime during the day and during the night 'To the fasting person there is prayer that is never refused.' especially at Iftar time..the duaa of a fasting person at Iftar time is accepted
Do NOT let a day pass without making duaa for the Muslims, that's the least thing we can do for them.. ask Allah forgiveness, guidance, acceptance of fasting for all the muslims around the world and especially all those Muslims who wish to fast & celebrate the coming of Ramadan with us, but unfortunately the angel of death was faster in reaching them than Ramadan .ask Allah to forgive their sins and shower them with Mercy and make their graves full of light and make it a garden from Jannah and grant them and us the Firdos Al-Alaa (Highest Paradise).. and u wont loose anything, in fact u will gain one good deed for every muslim(male & female) in the world.. so if there r 2 billion muslims, it means just saying O Allah, forgive the muslimeena(male muslims) & Muslimaat(female muslims) u got 2 billion good deed times 10 = 20 billion good deeds writen in ur book (becuz Allah multiplies each good deed by 10) how about if u add to ur duaa O Allah, forgive the muslimeena & Muslimaat, those who r alive and those who r dead .. it will be 20 billion good deeds MUTLIPLIED BY the number of Muslims from Adam (peace be upon him) time til today only Allah knows how many good deeds will be written in ur book see!! how easy is it to gain good deeds..
5th Subheading:
Sadaqa (charity)
put a side some money everyday, which u can afford for Sadaqa it could be 50 cent, $1, $5 up to $1000000, and say that, inshallah, its a Sadaqa for those muslims who dont have food to eat; till you the end of the month when usually Human Appeal opens its doors for charity. The Prophet (salla Allah aleeeeh wa ssalam) said: In Paradise there are Palaces (made from glass) whose outside can be seen from the inside and the inside can be seen from the outside. Allah has prepared them for those who feed the poor, who are gentle in speech, who fast regularly and who pray at night when people are asleep.
6th subheading:
Accompanying the Saliheen(righteous)
Remember that our prophet (salla allah aleeh wa salam) used to accompany Gabriel (aleeh Al-Salam) in Ramadan EVERY night. Therefore, write down the times, at least once a week to spend at least 5 mins with good muslims, those who remind u of Allah, those that Ibn Taymia says that u need them as much as u need food & drink.
7th Subheading
Dont live and care for yourself only, make this Ramadan for you and all those around youwrite the names of the people that you intend to give Dawwah to, and ask Alalh to help you as a first can give them dawwah by inviting them (your muslim friends) to the mosque to pray with you or have an Iftar at your house and invite them over, invite them to go to a Halaqah/Islamic talks with you. Or give them lectures to remind them of their duty to Allah..
8th Subheading
Time Waste
Do NOT NOT NOT waste time.
Its only 30 days do NOT waste time..don't sleep all the Quran, make Zakr(La Elah Ela Allah, Istaqafar Allah, Salla Allah Ala Mohoammed..ect), pray 2 Raka, attend Halaqahs, make duaa..But do NOT waste time...this might be your last Ramadan in this life..make sure you get the maximum reward out of it..and whenever u have a spare time go and read ur plan..
Advices from Ur Prophet(salla Allah Aleeeeh Wa Salam):
1. When any of you is fasting, let him not commit sin
2. "It may be that a fasting person gets nothing from his fast except hunger.
3. Whoever does not stop speaking falsehood and acting in accordance with it, Allah has no need of him giving up his food and drink.
And Allah knows best....forgive me for any mistakes..
From a sinnful muslimah, may Allah forgive her, her parents and the rest of the Muslims be continued..inshallah