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Ramdan has finally arrived! Alhamdulillah...however, there are certain things we must always keep in mind during Ramadan
Ramadan is the time of the year when we get to look back and think about what we did the previos year - and how to improve ourselves. It is also the time when Allah (SWT) forgives us very quickly and a time of happiness and rejoicing. During Ramadan, we feel the hunger and thirst of the poor people around the world and helps us understand why Allah (SWT) tells us to be thankful for what we have - and not waste food or overeat.

Earn Bonus Points During Ramadan!
At Home:
  • controlling your anger
  • not backbiting
  • helping around
  • reading the Qur'aan
  • sharing
  • fasting for Allah
  • visiting relatives
  • sharing Iftaar
  • making Du'aas
  • sleeping and waking up on time
  • being tolerant

At School:

  • In the classroom - no backbiting
                             - controlling your anger
                             - following rules
  • Lunch time         - not comlaining
                             - not wasting food
                             - following rules
  • Recess time       - taking turns
                             - following rules
  • Around Friends - keeping promises
                             - not being mean
                             - talking  less
  • Library              - returning books on time
  • Salaah time       - doing wudhoo and salaah properly
                            - wear proper clothing

In the Park:

  • Taking turns
  • Controlling your anger

In the Masjid:

  • Not eing noisy
  • Praying Salaah
  • Making donations
  • Making Du'aas