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When will they Stop Roaring


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When will they Stop Roaring?

i heard them every nite before my eyes went to sleep.
i remember the first time i heard them...
           they sounded like a steam engine
    ready to crash into our house.
it almost hit our car.

    i remember the silence that followed it
along with the sirens blasting in the distance.
it was like living in outer space...
     except - there was darkness.
           ...we cried out to our parents...
they tried to comfort us
                                     the next day,
for there were bodies lying all over the streets.
    for miles
                 and miles,
                 we heard them roar.
        Then they stopped.

Now years have passed by...I have a family -  
       both of my parents have died -  
              I have a wife and a beautiful daughter.
They've started again.
    I remember my daughter screaming in the darkness,
Clawing frantically in the air
             as the poison seeped thru her fragile body.

        The roaring has stopped.

Her limp body lays at my feet  
     as I stare down at her.
           I have no tears to mourn for her.
too many pains...
                         too many deaths...
in the distance, i can still hear them
                   roaring away
with laughter  
                     to their victory.

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