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Interview #1
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HOST - Shadia
GUEST - Jermaine
CAMERA 1 - Samar
CAMERA 2 - Mike
SWITCHER - Shyemaa' & Shikha
Interview #1
Shadia  - Hello and welcome to another addition of Black or 
              white. I'm your host, Shadia Simmons.
              And today, we will be interviewing Micheal Jackson
              from black to white -- to black again.
Jermaine-Thank you for having me here! I got some surgery -
              can you tell?
Shadia  - OK, let's get serious, Micheal. Everyone wants to
              know what made you turn black again.
Jermaine-Well, you know I was going with the fad. I was
              trying to get a new look for myself, since I just had a
              new baby and my album just flopped. I thought it
              might be a good time to...change.
Shadia  - How do you feel about your album being 100 in the
              pop charts?
Jermaine-Well, I did try a whole different range of music like 
              yoodling and counrty music. I guess people didn't
              really appreciate it. As an artist, it is mt duty to 
              change colors --- music wise.
Shadia  - What made you hold your kid over the balcony?
Jermaine-I was way too excited - I just got hyped up with the
              crowd. That kind of excitement gets me in a very
              wierd mood. Next question.
Shadia  - Are you close to your brothers - "AKA the Jackson
Jermaine-H-E-double hockey sticks no! All of those family
              over my baby momma left us as enemies. That's life.
              And hopefully we'll figive each other; but until then...
              forget them!
Shadia  - Are you going to come out with any albums soon?
Jermaine-Well, nt new album is underwork now. The title of it
              is going to be "Back to Black", and it's going to be
              based around rap. Here's a little preview of some of
              my beat boin skills, or some of the tracks: ....
Shadia  - I'd like to thank you Micheal for coming to our show!
              ..and until next time, I'm your host, Shadia Simmons.

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