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Two girls (A & B) are chattering in the hallway and whispering excitedly with a small peace of paper in their hands. Guy walks in and Girl B quickly hides the piece of paper into her purse. The gut sees the girl doing that - and as curious as he is, snatches the purse from her hands and opens her purse to see what she has. The Girl yells at him not to open the purse. The guy ignores her pleas and starts running with the purse in his hands. The other two girls run after him - with a worried look on their faces - warning him not to open the bag. First the guy runs up the stairs. By the time the girls are halfway up the stairs, the guy is sliding down the bannister...waving the purse in their direction. He then runs into the library, where he thinks that the girls won't find him. However, the girls knowing that he would hide in the library run there - but miss him while he's hiding behind the cart. He runs out of the library and into the caf where he grabs a tray and hides his face - but forgets the purse on the table. A girl picks up the purse and sees a note sticking out of it - Laughing, she walks over to the guy (who's now running towards the gym hallways) and asks him whether he knows who the purse belongs to. He says that he knows who the owner is - and the girl still laughing gives him the note. After reading the note - the guy faints which reads : Dear "--" I love you! What do you think of going out tonight after school to see the movies. Signed, the girl who sits behind you in math class. XOXO.
    First screen: LS to MS of two girls standing in the hallway laughing after reading a note that was on the floor. Sudden MLS to guy as he walks in. CS to MS of Girl A as she desperatley tries to hide the note into her purse while trying not to laugh. CU of guy as he notices something suspicious - MS (Dutch angle) of Guy as he grabs onto the purse and starts to run. XCU of Girl B as she tells him not to open the purse.
     Second Screen: MS to MLS  of guy as he runs uptairs. High angle (LS) of two girls huffing and puffing as they try to catch up with guy. Dutch angle (MS) as guy slides down waving purse at girls. Low angle of guy as he runs towards the library. MLS of girls running into library. Just as the girls enter, LS of guy going out of the opposite door behind cart. Lead space (MLS) of guy as he runs to caf, pan camera to show his back as the door closes. CU of gut as he picks up tray and hides his face. High angle of purse on the table that he has forgotten. (Exit guy).
     Girl sees purse on table and sees note sticking out of bag (LS to CU). Reads the note - looks at guy who just ran off out of the caf and runs after him - with not and purse in her hand. MLS of girl as she stops him and gives him note - XCU of guy as he reads the not and faints. XCU of note in hand: READS: Dear "---", I love you! What do you think of going out tonight after school to see the movies. Signed, the girl who sits behind you in math class. XOXO.

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