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PQ: Did the Knights of Templar's wealth or did their power bring about their downfall?
The assets of the Knight of Templar's brought about their fall.

Argument 1: The wealth of the Knights of Templars held a lot of power over everyone - even over the kings of their time.
Evidence 1: Had it not been for the constant supply of knights from the millitary orders, the Crusades would have perished far sooner.(Runciman, 255)
Evidence 2: At times, if the Knights didn't agree with an official policy, they would refuse to co-operate and even go as far as boycotting campaigns.(Runciman, 256)
Evidence 3: King Richard the Lionheart is often shown wearing the white surcoat and the red cross - a symbol of the Knights of Templars, which shows how much the Templar's were honored, respected and feared for who they were. (Collingwood, Canvas, 40"*30",

Argument 2:The display of their wealth to those with power jealous of the Knight of Templar.
Evidence 1: After the Crusades, the Templars became "money-lenders" to the monarchs, which gave the Templars control of most of the economy of Framce. (Dafoe, internet)
Evidence 2: When the Templars weren't wearing their armor, they wore clothes of fine and soft cloth - which brought in some discontent from those who said that the Templars were supposed to lead a life of poverty.  (Circa 1130 CE, Hughes de Payens, picture )
Evidence 3: The clergy in Jerusalem became jealous of the Templars, because the Templars didn't have to pay tithes or taxes - which helped increase their wealth through the years. (Catholic Encyclopedia)

Argument 3:The Knigh of Templar's control over the wealth of France made Philip the Fair take drastic measures in trying to eliminate the Templar's.
Evidence 1: Philip was greatly indebted to the Templars due to his borrowing money from the Knights to support his war efforts. (Mangan, Internet)
Evidence 2: Philip needed funds for fighting against England, but didn't have enough money to carry out the plan. (Mangan, Internet)
Evidence 3: The picture of de Molay being burnt at the stake shows his hatred towards the King of France, and how much the Templars were prosecuted and executed by the Philip the Fair. (Stained glass painting, Knight - probably de Molay - being burnt at the stake. It seems like the picture is in a Church. Probably made a couple of years after the death of Philip the Fair)